Argentina: Red

Munay Tannat 2018, Salta, Argentina

Perhaps not the first place you would expect to find the tannat variety; and doing well too-very well! Tannat certainly seems to have found a new home within the high altitude vineyards of the Salta region of northern Argentina.

The tannat variety is renowned for its prowess in the wine word; due to its thick skins and higher seed count (usually 5 compared to 3-4), it has one of the highest polyphenol and antioxidant counts of any variety in the world. With this naturally comes a big tonic structure. At the rich of producing astringent wines, this can be a grape to be weary of. Not here though! Superb quality of fruit and expert vilification has yielded a tannat that retains freshness along with depth of flavour. Such a satisfying red!

Snap it up quick before word gets out. An Argentine tannat did just win Best in Show in the 2020 Decanter Wine Awards after all!

WineMunay Tannat
StyleBig but fresh, full bodied yet vibrant; a red with real depth of character
AgeingStainless steel (MLF)
AdditionalAcidity: 5.8 PH: 3.5. Residual Sugars: 3.3g/l
Price£15.50 per bottle
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