‘Explore Countries’ Tasting Packages

Great; you’re thinking of having Bacchus over!

But what’s included?

Well, everything really: all the glassware, tasting mats, food too (if you want it). Oh, and the wine-of course! Everything is brought, set up and taken away so there’s no cleaning to be done either (winner)!

You’ll be served a Welcome Wine as soon as we get started, you’ll then be guided through a flight of 6 still wines which vary depending on the theme you select. Picking Platters are available or you may wish to opt for a premium cheese pairings to accompany your flight of wines.  

So… all that’s left is for you to select your tasting theme!

*Our suggestions below are by no means exhaustive. If you have a country in mind, we have the wines! Simply let us know what you’re thinking. And if you can’t decide between two… Well, let’s put a selection of wines from each country together and call it a Battle! 


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