Great businesses are built on collaboration. At Bacchus, we are very proud of our partners and we have listed them below so you can find out a little bit more about why we love them!

Great English wine is a significant aspect of our business. We’re very proud to support this growing sector of English industry. Bacchus enjoys very close relationships with some of the biggest names in English wine. You’ll find these wines sprinkled throughout our tastings or you could explore them all with either our ‘Explore England’ still or full sparkling wine tastings. Or you could even join us on one of our cross-country vineyard tour experiences.

It’s very much a community affair with the family at the centre at Fattoria La Vialla.

Our flagship supplier in Tuscany, Italy! Fattoria La Vialla (farm the villa) is a family run vineyard with a difference. The family use biodynamic and organic farming to produce fully sustainable wines that are also carbon neutral and vegan friendly. Oh, and they also have a farm shop selling their 100% traceable produce. Yup, these guys do it all and it’s not without having passion and purpose at the centre! You’ll find their various wines in our World Wines, Explore Italy and Viva Vegan wine tastings.

Below, you’ll find Fattoria La Vialla’s web link as well as a link to Andrew Jefford’s article from Decanter Magazine (needless to say, he’s mega impressed with their offering).

Jefford on Monday: The Tuscan Original

ThinK Wine Group produce our Vegan friendly Prosecco and sparkling rose. Not only are these delicious wines vegan and vegetarian friendly, they are also low sugar and low calorie. We’re very proud to say that we are the only wine tasting business that ThinK supply directly.

At Bacchus, we import a great many of our wines directly too with a focus on France! We’re incredibly proud to say that we are the only importer of the grower estate Michel Fagot. We visited Michel Fagot personally back in 2018 and fell in love with their fine Champagnes. We were thrilled to be joined by their resident oenologist Audrey Husson back in June 2020 for our virtual celebration of that beloved French glass of bubbles during ‘Champagne Supernova’. You can also join us if you wish when we visit the House again during next year’s tour of Champagne in April 2022. Expressions of interest are currently accepted via email and details will be released over the coming months.

Our favourite Bordeaux producer on the right bank-Pascal Chatonnet! We were thrilled to have Pascal himself join us for a live tasting of his wines the world renowned appellations of Saint Emilion and Pomerol back in October 2020 during ‘Vive la Bordeaux’!

M Alexandra is a very talented local make-up artist based in Liverpool who we are extremely proud to work with on our Fizz and Face pre-drink pampering packages.

Follow M. Alexandra on Instagram:

Coveted wine critic, journalist and wine writer Jancias Robinson is a true advocate of the benefits of serving wine at the correct temperature. At Bacchus, we are not brave enough to disagree with Jancias! Therefore we use the Kelvin K2 thermometer and app to ensure all our wines are at the ideal temperature before serving them at our tastings.

Jancias Robinson’s guide to serving wines at the correct temperatures is below:

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