Portugal: White

Pias Branco, Alentejo

Light lemon in colour, with a fresh palate that encompasses notes of tropical fruits and citrus, whilst also showing delightful salinity. This is a cracking and versatile wine at a very enticing price point.

WinePias Branco
StyleFruit forward, medium bodied white
Winemakingstainless steel

Vinha D’Ervideira Vindima Tardia 2018 (sweet wine, 50cl), Alentejo

With an intense aroma of clementines, figs, dried fruit, honey and marmalade it provides a lucious sweetness, making this wine a great desert and cheese wine.

This wine was the result of an intentional late harvest “Vindima Tardia” which left some grapes to be collected until November which created an extreme concentration of sugar making this a very natural and truly exceptional sweet wine, which will stand proudly beside a great Sauternes. 

WineVinha D’Ervideira Vindima Tardia
StyleSweet Pudding wine
VarietyAntao Vaz
Winemakinglate harvest
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