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Champagne Supernova Virtual Wine Tasting truly was a night to remember. Our thanks yes to Audrey Husson, oenologist, who joined us live from France from the Michel Fagot House.

Get a flavour of what our virtual wine tastings involve by glancing over our previous events.

What: Let it Sparkle: An Evening of English Decadence

When: Friday 18th December 2020, 8pm

Who joined us: A sensational event jam packed with special guests. Adderley Pelly from Stopham Vineyards, Sussex, along with Silvia Cackova from Simspons Wine Estate, Kent, joined us live for the session. I was also able to share a great video recording from Andrew Seden of Black Chalk Wines, Hampshire. Being able to hear first hand from the producers of each of the three outstanding sparkling wines we were tasting made for a simply superb evening!

What: Fine Wine of the Rhone

When: Friday 27th November 2020, 8pm

Who joined us: Anthony Vertadier Mabille of Charles Taylor Wines joined us for this extra special and exclusive tasting. Anthony spends his career touring his homeland in search of the best producers. Specialising in wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy and the Rhone, we were all in our element discussing all things fine wine! And what did we have lined up for the tasting; a Vacqueyras Blanc cru blend and a… Cote Rotie!

What: Sparkling Wines of the World Pt. 2: Lesser Known Hunting Grounds

When: Friday 25th September, 8pm

Who joined us: Well it was 4am in Australia at the time of our tasting. But my thanks goes to Paul Hotker (Head Winemaker), Robbie Potts (fifth generation family member) along with Emma Shaw (export manager) from Bleasedale for providing fantastic video content for us all to enjoy during the event.

What: Vive la France Pt. 2: Languedoc, Southern France

When: Friday 28th August, 8pm

Who joined us: Thanks to Henry Rymill who represented Domaine Saint Rose and provided a fantastic insight into sunny southern France, the grapes and wines of the region and, of course, Domaine Saint Rose. We enjoyed a unique Orange Wine in addition to a Chardonnay and Syrah (blended with a touch of Viognier) as part of the session.

What: Rose Revolution

When: Friday 17th July, 8pm

Who joined us: We teamed up with both ThinK Wine and Simpsons Wines as we tasted through a fizztastic offering, ThinK Pink, and a sensational still rose made in a Provencial style by Simpsons. Thanks, of course, to Nana Hughes and Silvia Cackova who joined us from their retrospective estate via Zoom.

What: Lesser Known Wine Styles

When: Friday 10th July, 8pm

Who joined us: Thanks to Paddy Gaunt who joined us virtually from the Sharpham estate in Devon. We enjoyed the Sharpham Bacchus Stop Ferment which proved to be a showstopper for so many participants who found the unusual ‘off-dry’ style perfectly delicious in the recent nice weather. We also enjoyed an appassimento style red wine from Veneto, Italy which offered beautiful concentration of flavour including cherry, plum and fig!

What: Champagne Supernova

When: Friday 26th June, 8pm

Who joined us: It was a privilege to have Michel Fagot’s very own oenologist, Audrey Husson, join us live from Champagne, France for this exceptional tasting. We enjoyed two Champagnes from the Michel Fagot House: their Brut Tradition NV alongside their Selection Des Premier Cru 2004 Vintage-just WOW!

What: The English Garden

When: Friday 12th June, 8pm

Who joined us: The fabulous Silvia Cackova joined us live from the plush tasting room within the Simpsons Estate, Kent. Two exceptional English wines were enjoyed including the Simpsons Gravel Castle Chardonnay and the Derringstone Pinot Meunier. A lot of heads were turned during this evening-English wine is sup!

What: Viva Espana

When: Friday 29th May, 8pm

Who joined us: Not one, two or three special guests but four! From Ribera del Duero we had Loretta representing the Viyuela estate and from Rioja we had the two Martas from the Casa la Rad estate. In addition, representing Liverpool, we had the pleasure of Sean Miller’s company (Wine Merchant, Pruno Wines).

What: Viva Italia

When: Friday 15th May, 8pm

Who joined us: Live from Tuscany, Italy we were joined by sommellier Anna Maria Conti and Annette Mueller from Fattoria La Vialla. We talked Italy, Tuscany, Chianti and food! It was a very Italian affair! And absolutely fabulous! thanks to the 70+ households from across the whole of the UK who joined us for this very special tasting.

What: Old World vs. New World Pt. 2 (whites)

When: Friday 15th April, 8pm

Who joined us: Laura Griffiths from the Art School Cellars

What: Sparkling Wines of the World (Cremant vs. Prosecco)

When: Friday 3rd April, 8pm

Who joined us: Liverpool’s very own Katherine Jones joined us for our first sparkling wines of the world tasting as we enjoyed her companies fabulous vegan, organic and (believe it or not) reduced calorie Prosecco. Katherine is CEO of ThinK Wine Group who work with their vineyard just outside of Trevisso, Italy to produce their very special Prosecco. We also enjoyed tasting a Cremant from the Loire Valley. Comparing a traditional method sparkling wine alongside a charmat method Prosecco was a real eye opener for many. Two fabulous wines and so much ground to cover.

What: Old World vs. New World (reds)

When: Friday 3rd April, 8pm

Who joined us: Winemaker Paddy Gaunt of Sharpham Wine, Devon, joined us for this sumptuous tasting of two reds from England and South Africa.

Winemaker Paddy Gaunt of Sharpham Wines joined us live for the tasting. Cheers Paddy!
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