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Sharpham New Release 2020, Devon

Producers either side of the equator are reporting fantastic harvests for 2020 (a little welcome news given everything else 2020 offered us). Sharpham are quick to bolt too with their Beaujolais Nouveau style white wine.

From vine to bottle in under 8 weeks, this delightful blend of Madeleine Angevine, along with a small proportion of Bacchus, delivers a crisp, fresh and deliciously fruity dry white wine. There is the added bonus of a Vinho Verde esque light spritz too that is retained after fermentation. This adds to the enjoyment of this fantastic wine that is produced with the intention of enjoying young.

A little over 1300 bottles have been produced so when we say, it’s gone, it truly has gone.

WineSharpham New Release
StyleLight, fresh, fruity and very drinkable!
VarietyBlend: Madelein Angevine & Bacchus
Ageing4 weeks in stainless steel
Price£14.10 per bottle
Additional tasting note:
To look at: super-light lemon with a soft spritz,
To smell: clean fruits of the purest nature preserved by a short fermentation in stainless steel,
To taste: vibrant and racey with fresh citrus, pears and apples which are followed by lush grapefruit, peach and melon on the back pallet. The finish is giving while the wine remains moreish due to a touch of residual sugar.

Simpsons Derringstone Pinot Meunier 2018, Kent

WineSinpsons Derringstone Pinot Meunier
StyleUnique, complexe and full bodied, food loving English white
VarietPinot Meunier

Stopham Pinot Gris 2018, Sussex

This multi award winning Pinot Gris is the flagship wine of the famed Sussex winery, Stopham. Simon Woodhead is the man behind the Stopham operation closely followed up by his assistant winemaker Tom Bartlett. Simon left his career working on sensors for McLaren F1 to pursue his love of viticulture. Now he combines his skills in precision with his passion all under one ‘victorian barn’ roof.

There’s a bit of a joke in the industry that you don’t want to go up against Stopham’s Pinot Gris! It has won consecutive awards including Gold during the 2018 and 2019 IEWA. As such it is the estate’s flagship wine! This deliciously off-dry white offers a delicate floral character offset against rich stone fruit aromatics. Full bodied and incredibly food friendly; pair with mildly spiced and fragrant Thai cuisine.

WineStopham Pinot Gris
Styleoff-dry, intensely aromatic with a fruity complexity and a full body
VarietyPinot Gris
AgeingStainless steel
Price£16.00 per bottle

Stopham Pinot Blanc 2019, Sussex

A personal favourite here at Bacchus and back at the Estate with Marie Davies also holding it close to her heart. The Stopham Pinot Blanc received its first accolade last year; earning Gold at the IEWA-just another medal for this sensational Sussex Estate!

The wine has a strong backbone of acidity, expressed as zippy lime and juicy grapefruit, which holds the wine together. Beautiful tropic notes of honeydew melon and green ripe pear complement each other sumptuously. On the finish, subtle nuttiness and spicy notes of cardamon and fennel. A wine to pour (and pour) over!

WineStopham Pinot Blanc
Styledry, aromatic, complex and balanced
VarietyPinot Blanc
AgeingStainless steel
Price£15.00 per bottle

Stopham Bacchus 2018, Sussex

The Bacchus grape variety is now as quintessentially English as cucumber sandwiches and Pimms or strawberries at Wimbledon! Not only does it reflect our cool climate in the same way that Riesling does in the Mosel or Pinot Gris in Alsace, it offers a fabulous point of difference for English wine in a unique expression.

The Stopham Bacchus puts purity of fruit at centre stage with orange peel and grapefruit citrus notes in abundance. There’s a pleasing and moderate level of acidity and combined with 5g/l of residual sugar (still dry), it leaves our palate pleading for more! A fantastic introduction into the Bacchus variety.

WineStopham Bacchus
Styledry with moderate acidity and a touch of sweetness
AgeingStainless steel
Price£15.00 per bottle
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