Upcoming Schedule: August 2020

After the huge popularity our virtual wine tasting events have received over the past four months, I am very proud to announce the next instalment in the series…


#10 Vive la France Part 2: The Languedoc (sunny southern France)

Come join us and dip your toe into southern France and discover some of the wonderful styles of wine this region has to offer!


Friday 28th August 8pm (lasting approximately 90 minutes)

Special Guest: 

We will be joined by Henry who will be our special guest representing the Domaine Saint Rose estate. 

Price: For the first time we have two options for you to choose from…

Duo: £35 per household, including two bottles of wine (white and red), free Merseyside delivery. UK wide courier delivery is available for just £8.

Trio: £50 per household (as above with the addition of a very special ‘Orange Wine’*)

*Do not worry, no oranges were harmed in the making of this wine, nor does it taste of oranges for that matter. All will be relieved during the night however. If you would like the inside scoop on Orange Wine and why it is oh so trendy at the moment, this is the tasting you won’t want to miss.

Virtual vouchers: Don’t forget, each virtual wine tasting session entitles you to a ‘virtual stamp’ (Champagne Supernova, if attended, earned you two!). When you hit 10 stamps, you can cash them in for a full or partial discount on your next virtual wine tasting (up to £35).

Should you wish to book on this event, simply contact me on bacchuswinetating@gmail.com or via any of our social media platforms. I hope to see you on the 28th. 

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