26th February 2021: Vive la France: Bourgogne

Join us, this March, as we make a much welcome return to France! 2020 saw us tour around the majority of the most premier regions of France but there remains a couple of key stones unturned. Not least…Burgundy! It’s funny isn’t it, how we associate whole regions with one style of wine-take a red Burgundy for example. Well, let’s give this stone a real good turning and explore the whites and even the sparkling cremants of the region while we’re at it!


#17 Vive la France: Bourgogne

Date & Time:

Friday 26th February, 8pm (lasting approx 1.5-2 hours)

Special Guest:

Anthony Vertadier Mabille


Duo: £35 (including two bottles of Burgundy wine, one white and one red)

Trio: +£20 (add a bottle of sparkling cremant de Bourgogne, Blanc de Blancs)

Free Merseyside delivery or just £8.50 (duo)/£10.00 (trio) for UK wide courier service.

Add a specially paired cheese board, artisan crackers and chutney to your evening +£25.00 (delivery included)*

*Standard cheese board includes x3 100g cheese

Larger household? No problem, simply add £2.50 per additional 50g of cheese


Should you wish to book on this event, simply contact me on bacchuswinetasting@gmail.com or via any of our social media platforms. I hope to see you on the 26th. 

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